Sheena Roddy

I am a non-Colorado native born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland then later moved to Colorado shortly before high school. Once moving to Colorado my eyes were opened to what true outdoor adventure could be. I am a Colorado State University Student dedicated to her studies and I spend every moment of free time in the great outdoors. I thoroughly enjoy my time, seeking adventures only Colorado can offer. Where else can I go for a jog, hop on a bike, and end up climbing a rock face all in the same day? I have become a cross-country runner, rock climber, hiker, biker, slack liner, and camper. I was born a city girl, and am now discovering my inner outdoorsmen.

I was first introduced to the Pine Beetle epidemic while on a five hour drive through the mountains with my boyfriend. We were on our way to a family get together and along the way I noticed the two very distinct tree colorations. I discovered that the numerous maroon trees were all the victims of a small creature called the Pine Beetle and all attempts to eradicate the pest were unsuccessful. I was suddenly filled with questions and curiosity. What did all this mean for my new found outdoor lifestyle? I’ve grown accustomed to Fresh air, grass between my toes, and an unforgettable view of the Rocky Mountains complete with healthy evergreen trees. Eventually I came to the realization that the real question is; what can be done with the situation at hand?


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