Andrew Vergatos

Living in SE Colorado for most of my life (about 17 years) definitely shaped my view points on environmental issues and nature dramatically.  Elizabeth is a small town located about 50 miles South East of Denver and is home to about 5,600 people.    I first realized my love for nature while playing the outfield in little league baseball (BORING!) and gazing up at the towering pine trees.   These same trees provided a shaded area for me and my team to have our post game snack.  Similar to the trees at the baseball field, my property contains over 100 deciduous pine trees.  After graduating from Elizabeth High School, I attended Colorado State University, a highly ranked agricultural institution (We used to be the Aggies for crying out loud!).   During my stay at Colorado State, I took a number of botany courses that introduced me to the notion of pine beetles and their impact on the pine tree population.  I am currently enrolled in the College of Business at CSU and pursuing a degree in Innovation and Organizational Management.  I have a love for the free market and I remain a capitalist at heart.   When I find a chance to sneak away from my studies, you can find me timber bashing[1] on the slopes of Vail Mountain.  Can anyone explain how I am supposed to ski through trees when there are dead pine beetle infested logs blocking my way?!

[1] Timber bashing refers to skiing an entire run through the trees.


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