This blog page is dedicated to the pine beetle epidemic but we are directing our energies away from the typical pine beetle argument. Usually people get stuck on how to get rid of the beetle and get nowhere. It makes sense to consider but the bottom line is that even the most effective solutions are not fully equipped to do battle with the beetle, and are far from practical.  We have decided to take the silver lining approach. Take a bad situation for what it is, and transform it in to an opportunity. Each member of our group has researched in great detail what can be done with the dead wood and carefully constructed an argument fitting each of their interests.

Both Karen Trofka and Austin Dyekman consider the overall health of the forest, and the long-term benefits that come with dead tree removal. In addition they both address the impending harm if action is not taken. Trofka focuses on the potential resilience of the forest if we take action; while Dyekman focuses on the best course of tree removal.

Both Sheena Roddy and Andrew Vergatos consider the possibilities for the wood once it has been removed from the forest. They refocus the issue in the world of business and consumers.  Roddy promotes the beetle kill as a new green opportunity for building substantial structures; while Vergatos presents a pellet plant as the ultimate green solution because it employs the dead wood at every stage of usefulness. Among us it is unanimous that there is a call for action incorporating health, safety, and utilization.

We organized the site so that you can learn a bit about us, read our arguments, view a supporting power point, as well as having access to our extensive source list. All these navigational options are clearly labeled and are available to you at the click of a button, located along the right had side of this page. Enjoy!


Andrew, Sheena, Karen, and Austin


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